"Nothing makes me more anxious than a disorganized closet." - Rachel Zoe

A Personal Note from Miranda -

Miami, FL - 2007

Fairfax, VA - 2018


​Starting at a very young age, every few months I would get the itch to reorganize my life. This essentially just meant going through my clothes, books, and accessories to get rid of the things I wasn’t using, either by donating them to the church where we served hot dinners once a month, having a “tag sale” or throwing them away. Once this started, it would inevitably end with my mom finding me dragging my furniture across the room to create a new and more pleasing layout.

I may have grown up, but the itch has never ceased. So when my father expressed his desire to renovate his New England Colonial house and concern that he could not manage it all, having had experience working for Habitat for Humanity, I jumped at the opportunity. And I loved it! One of the main obstacles in my family has been organizing and decluttering, so having a hand is getting their home, space, and lives back again has been a wonderful achievement. It was amazing to see how the small and large changes not only upgrade the home, but also someone's life in it.

After the completion of that project, I tried to return to the business and financial management world I had known, achieving my Master of Business Administration and managing the operations of a national commercial furniture liquidation business. But something was always missing.  So after a total of 11 years in offices, I took a leap of faith in launching this home design business that I feel fully combines my professional experiences with my creative and problem solving abilities!

My goal with FIT is to enrich my customers' lives through transforming their living spaces. Simply, I want you to say "aaahhhh" instead of "uggghhh" when you walk in the door.  That may mean creating a systematic organizing plan for the pantry, rearranging the living room to accommodate a gathering place, staging the home to achieve a faster and higher priced sale, or assisting with your move (because I have moved a lot and it is never easy). I aspire to serve all people in my community, from busy families, to professionals, to the elderly transitioning into a new living situation, and everyone in between. So please browse my site and let me know how I can help you transform your space to transform your life. You can reach me directly at: miranda@forteinteriortransformations.com

​​And as a competitive athlete, I will give you the same level of attention and drive as I do my training.

All my best, Miranda

Running is about finding your inner peace. So is a life well lived.” – Dean Karnazes

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