About FIT

Functionality. Balance. Peace of Mind.

A balanced, positive mental and physical life starts with having a home that refreshes your soul. However for many people, their home isn't exactly the sanctuary it could be; and getting it there can be time consuming, stressful, and mentally and physically exhausting.

That’s where Forte Interior Transformations (FIT) can help. As a residential transition specialist our goal is to help you reduce your stress by transforming your home into a comfortable and functional living space that specifically fits your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are preparing to buy, sell, rent, change your living situation, or stay in your home forever, FIT will work with you to provide the right solution that brings functionality, balance and peace of mind into your life. 

Just as the beautiful lotus flower emerges from muddy waters to float peacefully across the pond, we truly believe that if you transform your space, it can transform your life.

About Owner & Creative Director

Miranda Forte

Fairfax, VA - 2018

Miranda Forte, is an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner. She has a BA, an MBA with a concentration in Sports Management, is a Notary Public in the State of Maryland, and serves as a coach and Board Member for Sports Plus, a local non-profit organization offering recreational and social activities for children and teens with austism and other neurological disorders.

As a brand ambassador for Vanderkitten - a brand that supports and empowers Women Who Kick Ass - Miranda enjoys running, cycling, swimming and about anything else that keeps her active. She currently competes in metro area local road and trail races and has previously run in all distances from 5K to marathon, including the Harrisburg, New York City and Boston Marathons. Through life long competition, Miranda has learned to apply discipline and determination to all aspects of her life.

In any spare time she has, Miranda loves baking, traveling, and watching the Washington Capitals (NHL hockey). Go Caps!

​Professional History

Miranda was born and raised in Connecticut. After graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, Miranda spent a year doing AmeriCorps service across the country. It was during that time that she got her first taste of the home improvement industry, working alongside volunteers and professionals at Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans and Miami.

Soon after completing her year of service Miranda began her professional career in the Residential Property Management field. Changing industries a few times, she always excelled in financial management, business operations, and social media marketing. However after overseeing the renovation and redesign of her father's New England Colonial house, Miranda realized there was another side of her personality waiting to be explored. So in 2018 she completed the most comprehensive and intensive home staging and redesign certification course in North America provided by the Home Staging Resource, launched Forte Interior Transformations, LLC and resigned from her position as Business Manager of a national commercial furniture liquidation company. One of her main inspirations for adding organizing and decluttering services to her offering has been seeing family members trudge through the deeply personal and trying tasks after a death in the family and increasing hoarding tendancies. 

Now she loves helping her friends, family and clients get and stay organized, prepare for life's transitions, style their living spaces in a way that will sell or rent their home fast, and most importantly invoke positivity and peace of mind every time they return home.

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